Self-supporting anti-seismic ossuaries and cineraries in stainless steel

Cineraries and ossuaries in AISI 304 stainless steel

The internal dimensions of the cell of the prefabricated metal ossuary are at least 30 x 30 x 70 cm

. The internal dimensions of the cell of the prefabricated metal cinerary are at least 30 x 30 x 50 cm 40 x 40 x 50.

At no extra cost, we produce ossuary and metal cinerary cells with dimensions on request.

This fact allows, for example, to insert the ossuary in an existing place of the cemetery and occupy exactly the available space, without the need for useless and not very aesthetic infill walls.

Walls, niches and even raised spaces, present in the cemetery, are entirely occupied by the ossuary.

In the same ossuary columbarium, it is possible to arrange ossuary niches of multiple dimensions, which house the mortal remains of a family group and form a kind of Family Chapel for ossuaries and cinerary urns.

Adjacent cells of the prefabricated metal ossuary and of the metal cinerary can be covered with a single family tombstone.

The ossuary niches and the stainless steel ciner niches are self-supporting and are fully interconnected, making the whole construction solid, tenacious and resistant to seismic shocks even of high intensity.

The ossuary niches and the self-supporting cinerary niches in stainless steel can support their own covering.

We made the radical choice to produce self-supporting cineraries and ossuaries in stainless steel and non-cineraries in fiberglass, fiberglass ossuaries and not even ossuaries in aluminum and cineraries in aluminum.

For load-bearing structures, stainless steel is far better than fiberglass and aluminum and has a long service life.

Cremation is affirmed and spreads more and more, the cineraries are therefore more and more the chosen burial.

The interior of the cinerary niches and that of the ossuary niches in stainless steel is clean and dignified and, even though a burial may be, it is pleasing to the eye.

Each ossuary and each cinerary cell are closed by a stainless steel seal with two practical and functional handles, the seal in turn is covered by the marble tombstone and is therefore not visible from the outside.

The ossuary - cinerary in stainless steel is solid and at the same time relatively light, it is therefore particularly suitable for elevations and insertions in pre-existing raised cemetery environments.

Every part of the ossuary and the cinerary is in stainless steel except the tombstones, the marble coating and the electric wires.

The fact that the structure, cells, seals, electrical wire protection conduits, junction and fixing elements are all in AISI 304 stainless steel, preserves the ossuary - cinerary from corrosion even in critical environments, for example those exposed to the sea.

The stainless steel cinerary - ossuary can be connected and connected to other structures such as columbaria di ventilated niches .

The tombstones of the prefabricated cinerary are in marble, on request we can supply thick unbreakable crystal tombstones.

The tombstone can be supplied with accessories (photo frame, vase for flowers, votive lamp, numbered plate).

The prefabricated cinerary ossuary is supplied with an electrical system for the votive lamps or simply with the conduits prepared for inserting the electrical wires.

The electrical wires for the votive lamps go directly from the junction box to next to each single niche, without any junction, inside stainless steel conduits that protect them.

At least one common ossuary is prescribed in each cemetery.

We design and manufacture common ossuaries completely in AISI 304 stainless steel with dimensions, shapes, functionality and locations suitable for the needs of each individual cemetery.

Disposing of a fiberglass or concrete ossuary, when it is damaged, involves difficulties and costs that are not only ecological.

Ossuaries and cineraries in stainless steel, in a considerably long time, even secular, are reused several times, and when you want to dispose of them, it will be done easily, without costs and probably recovering part of their value.

Since 2020 we have also been producing completely biodegradable cineraries.