Biodegradable cineraries

Fully biodegradable cineraries

Some time ago, a kind lady from an European country asked us if we were able to supply biodegradable cineraries.

Our pride in producing durable stainless steel cineraries prevented us at first from understanding the delicacy and intimate meaning of such a burial.

We had the opportunity to reflect on the subject and we came to the conclusion that the radical choice to produce completely stainless steel cineraries was right, just as now the right choice, no less radical, is that also to produce completely biodegradable cinerariesas, which contain urns that can also be biodegradable.

Our own beliefs and desires are formed in the mind and heart of each of us, that we guard with delicate privacy.

Some want their burial to last over time, others want a limited time.

The biodegradable cinerary is a burial in the ground that has the shape of a cylinder with an internal space of 40 cm in diameter and a height of 50 cm or, alternatively, a parallelepiped shape whose internal space has a base of 40 x 45 cm and a height of 45 cm, hollow inside and equipped with an opening at its top which is closed by a seal which is also biodegradable.

We can also produce cineraries with dimensions on request.

The individual cinerary niches are made so that they can be aligned to form rows of cineraries. Multiple niches can be put together to form a family cinerary.

The material of the cinerary is mainly made of easily degradable wood, the parts of the cinerary (walls, seal, accessories, joining elements and connection and alignment with any other cineraries) are all exclusively degradable.

The cinerary can be planted at the time of the burial of the urn or earlier.

If it is placed on site before it accepts the ashes, it is protected by a stainless steel case that preserves it until the urn is buried.

Once the burial has taken place, the case is easily removed, in the case of cineraries juxtaposed to each other the cases can be removed at different times.

A layer of soil is laid over the cinerary.

A biodegradable underground container, equipped with openings, can be connected to the cinerary, in it at least a small plant is planted which will grow over time and gently push the roots even in the cinerary.

Finally above the cinerary it is possible to lay a wooden or marble monument.

Over time, the entire burial will melt in the soil that protects it, the tree and flowers will bloom again in spring.