Self-supporting prefabricated metal cineraries for urns

Cineraries in AISI 304stainless steel.

Cineraries in galvanized steel.

The internal dimensions of the niches of the prefabricated cineraries are at least 40 x 40 x 50 cm. In any case, we supply free-standing metal cineraries of required sizes and shapes.

In the same anti-seismic metal cinerary it is possible to insert cells of multiple dimensions in width that accommodate urns of a family group, which form a family cinerary chapel.

Contiguous metal cinerary niches can be closed by a single family tombstone.

In the self-supporting stainless steel cinerary, the cinerary niches are fully fixed together.

The prefabricated metal cinerary can be solidly connected to other structures such as columbariums of niches or ossuaries.

Each prefabricated stainless steel cinerary cell is closed by a stainless steel seal and is externally covered with a marble plaque.

Alternatively, unbreakable crystal headstones, 20 mm thick, are available.

The vase for flowers, the votive lamp, the photo holder and the writings are fixed on marble or crystal.

The cinerary columbarium is supplied with an electrical system for votive lamps or is prepared for the electrical system.

Patent filed for anti-seismic structures and buildings